, I’m Federico ,
a developer who loves building great products.
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About me

I’m a Software Engineer specialized in Front-end development and System programming, with a Master’s degree in Computer Engineering.

I’m product-oriented. Despite loving the technical side, I also deeply care about user experiences and design.

I love creating side-projects, and some of them are used by tens of thousands of daily active users. Espanso is the most popular one, and you can find the others here.

If you like technical topics, you might also enjoy my Blog, Talks and YouTube channel.

I really enjoy books. I’m currently reading High Performance Browser Networking, and I’ve previously read Zero To Production In Rust. You can also check out my book recommendations.

I’m currently based in the lovely city of Bologna, Italy.

Contact me

If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to write me at:

You can also find me on various socials, feel free to get it touch there too!